The temperature is a quantity that reflects the amount of hot Of something. Bodily, for its part, is what is linked to body (something with restricted extension or the set of organs, devices and systems that make up living beings).

Body temperatureThe body temperature, therefore, it is the one that is registered in the body of a person or a animal. This temperature varies according to the time of day, although it is generally accepted that the temperature considered normal round the 37º C.

This means that when the temperature is at 38º C or more, the person has high temperature. This phenomenon is known as fever and it is usually the symptom of a disease or from an infectious process.

If the temperature, on the other hand, falls below 36º C, the human being suffers hypothermia. This drop in body temperature can be caused by taking drugs, malnutrition or staying in an environment with excessive cold, among other reasons.

It should be noted that the body has mechanisms to regulate its temperature according to the temperature of the environment. By means of the thermoregulation, therefore, the body loses or wins hot to maintain a balance.

It is also important to know another series of curiosities about body temperature such as the following:
-As a general rule, it is considered that women have it somewhat higher than men, about 0.2º C approximately. However, that depends on when they are, based on what the menstrual cycle is, for example.
-When sitting you have a lower temperature than when you are standing. This difference may be around 0.3º C or 0.4º C.
-The best time of day to control and know someone’s body temperature is in the period from 6 in the morning to 6:00 p.m.
-There are a number of factors that can introduce changes in temperature such as alcohol intake, stress, sadness, eating and even anger.

The medicine does not record cases of people who have survived with a body temperature below 13º C or higher than 47º C. Before reaching these values, however, individuals can suffer various problems: tremors, tachycardia, loss of consciousness and others.

The instrument used to measure body temperature is called thermometer.

There are four fundamental ways to take someone’s body temperature:
-Place the thermometer under the tongue and keeping the mouth closed.
-Introducing the end of the aforementioned device in what is the ear.
-Proceeding to place the thermometer in what is the rectum.
-Placing it directly in what is the armpit area.

However, we cannot ignore that currently there are also thermometers that work with infrared systems. This means that they do not have to be placed in any area of ​​the body but simply must be passed over the person’s forehead, without the need to touch it, and thus it is known if they have a fever or not.