The blue is he Colour which, in the light spectrum, is in fifth place. It is a similar tone to that of sea or to the Darling when there are no clouds.

BlueSince it cannot be generated by mixing other colors, blue is part of the group of primary colors or primitive. According to Theory of color, meanwhile, is a cold color due to the effect it produces on people.

Many flags they turn to blue, either in the background or in other sectors. New Zealand, Israel, USA, Australia, France Y chili are some countries whose national flags are blue.

It is common for blue to be used in the police uniform. In the colloquial language of some regions, thus, a blue is a agent of this security force. For example: “Watch out, here come the blues!”, “A blue man asked me for the documents while he was walking through the park”, “Once the alarm goes off, we have five minutes to act before the blues arrive.”.

The expression “blue blood”, on the other hand, is used to refer to who belong to royalty or aristocracy. The phrase arose in ancient times and is associated with the fact that individuals of these social classes did not have the need to work in the fields, with which their skin used to be pale and thus it was possible to observe her veins easily. As the veins look blue, they began to talk about “blue blood”.

In the field of computing, finally, we find the blue screen of death, also simply called blue screen or blue screen. This screen is displayed when Windows, the operating system developed by Microsoft, you cannot recover from a failure.