Blouse It is a concept that comes from the French word blouse. This is the name of a open garment which is similar to a shirt.

BlouseBlouses, which are made with fine fabric, cover the upper sector of the Body. It is a garment that is used by women women, although it can also be used by mens in work environments and even kids.

Until the end of XIX century, blouses were not often used in the fashion feminine. By then they were more associated with traditional clothing or rural areas.

Then blouses became common when you wanted to adopt a casual style. Anyway, with him weather Multiple types of blouses were developed that endowed this article with different levels of elegance according to its characteristics.

Currently there silk blouses, cotton blouses and other fabrics, which may show greater or less transparency. There are the long-sleeved blouses, the short sleeve blouses, the collared blouses and the collarless blouses, among many others. Regarding the presence of buttons, usually have buttonholes on the right side and buttons on the left.

Regarding the manufacture of blouses, finally, it is interesting to note that they can be made by tailors or dressmakers in an artisanal way and on a small scale, or be produced at an industrial level in large workshops. Blouses, in fact, occupy an important place in the activity of the textile industry, which moves a lot of money and it generates many jobs in different countries.