A blender it’s a household appliance which enables liquefy food: namely, turn solid foods into liquid. The most common is that they are used to prepare fruit smoothies.

BlenderBefore going any further, it is important to remember that an appliance is a household appliance that runs on electricity. In addition to the blender, this group includes machines such as the fridge or refrigerator, the Vacuum cleaner and the blender, for example. A smoothieMeanwhile, it is a drink that is obtained by liquefying a fruit with milk or water.

The blender has a motor that is located inside a casing, which is connected through a shaft with a container that has propeller blades in its background. In this way, when food is placed in the blender and the motor is started, the blades begin to rotate at high speed, crushing what was deposited in the glass.

The usual thing is that the blender can work at different speeds, defined by the revolutions the motor. The higher the power, the higher the speed of rotation of the blades.

Suppose a person wishes to drink a peach smoothie (peach), For this, you can peel the fruit, remove the pit or pit, cut it, place the pieces in the blender glass and add Water. After a few seconds of operation, the blades will have liquefied the peach. The banana Smoothie (banana), on the other hand, is usually prepared by incorporating milk instead of water in the blender.

A blender or hand mixer, also called minipimerIt is similar to a conventional blender, although it does not need a special glass to work. It simply needs to be activated inside the container in which the food was placed.