A blazer it’s a kind of jacket that originally used to be part of the school uniforms. Today, blazers transcend the realm of school and are worn in different contexts.

BlazerThe blazer resembles a Formal Jacket, but from more casual style. Its development can be linked to the jackets used in the Marine and in certain sport clubs.

Blazers can have buttons of different materials and colors. Today its uses are multiple, being one garment that can be combined in different ways with others.

In an informal setting, the blazer can be worn with jeans (Jean) and on a chomba or collared shirt (also called pole), for example. If it is an occasion that requires more elegance, the blazer can be worn together with a shirt and one tie and with dress pants.

It is important to mention that blazers can be worn by both mens as for women. On the other hand, there are no age restrictions, as a child can wear a blazer in the school, a teenager going to a party and an adult at work, to name a few possibilities.

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