The Latin word coopertorium, which can be translated as “cover”, it arrived in Spanish as coverlet. This is how the coat that is used covering the bed.

CoverA cover can be a quilt, a quilt, a blanket or one blanket. It is a blanket that provides protection against cold to the person lying down.

Who is lying down, therefore, can be covered with a blanket. This product can be made with cotton, wool, synthetic fibers or other materials.

The covers are very useful during the winter and in regions where temperatures remain low throughout the year. In hot weather, however, the coverlet can be annoying since there is no need to resort to a coat. Anyway, there are also the summer covers, lighter or lighter (that is, not as thick as traditional covers).

It is important to mention that the covers are also valuable pieces for the decor. The design of the cover affects the aesthetics of the bedroom, with which many times an integration of colors, styles, etc. is sought.

There are covers with images of animals or flowers, for example. The covers can also have stripes, polka dots or other patterns. In the case of infant blankets, often display superheroes, spaceships, vehicles or sporting goods, among other reasons.

Beyond the clothing bed, other elements that provide coverage, such as a cover, can be called a cover. pool cover, a car cover or a air conditioning cover.