It is called blade to the element formed by two sticks that cross each other forming a cross. What instrument, is used with the intention of reeling threads: that is, of form skeins.

BladesThe most common use of the notion is associated with windmills. The external apparatus of these devices, consisting of arms that move through the action of the wind, it is known as a blade. The arms in question, in fact, are also called blades.

Windmills are used for grinding taking advantage of the wind power (generated by the force of the winds). When the wind hits the blades, they move and activate a mechanism that, in turn, sets the hearth and the grinding wheel of the mill in motion. These stones crush and pulverize the grains, achieving the grinding.

The blades rotate according to the direction of the wind. That is why its orientation, in general, can be modified according to the needs. Thus it is possible to adapt the mill gear.

In addition to all the above, we cannot ignore that there are also other devices that also have blades. Among those are ceiling fans and some standing. It is essential that the buyer looks at them, among other aspects, to know if it is what he needs.

In this sense, it is indicated that it is essential that they are adequately protected, that they have the ideal number to be able to give the fresh air that is desired and that they are made with a suitable material for their resistance.

However, it must be taken into consideration that there are also fans without blades that are considered to be more efficient, quieter and even capable of moving a greater air flow.

There are also blades on helicopters and even on what are windmills or pinwheels.

Blades, on the other hand, it is the surname of two Spanish footballers who are brothers: Iago Y Jonathan. Iago Aspas, born in Pontevedra on 1987, played in Spanish teams like Seville Y Celta Vigo and in the Liverpool from England. Jonathan Aspas, for his part, was born in Pontevedra on 1982 and was part of sets from Spain, Italy, Belgium Y Cyprus.

In the same way, we cannot forget that under the acronym ASPAS stands the Provincial Association of Families and Friends of Deaf People of Seville. It is an association that has its origins in the 1970s and whose main objective is to represent and serve both deaf people and their families.

The well-being and social integration of people with hearing disabilities, the defense of the rights of these families, their personal autonomy, the interest of the group and even the autonomy of these individuals are the fundamental pillars of the aforementioned entity.

BladeFinally, it is the name of a municipality which is located in the province of Lleida, on the Autonomous Community of Catalonia (Spain). The town has just over two hundred inhabitants and a historic center that began to develop in the XV century.