Gallant is a term that comes from the Italian word bizzarro, which can be translated as “wrathful”. The Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) recognizes two meanings in its dictionary, although there is a third that is used frequently in some Latin American regions.

The RAE indicates that the idea of ​​bizarre can be linked to the courage: someone or something bizarre is brave or daring. The other meaning that the dictionary collects associates the adjective bizarre with how splendid or generous. On the other hand, the Dictionary of Americanisms of the Association of Academies of the Spanish Language (ASALE) accepts that bizarre can be used to qualify the extravagant, implausible or peculiar.


The first meaning of bizarre is associated with bravery.

Bizarre as brave

In many ancient books the use of bizarro can be found in connection with the bravery and the value. A bizarre individual, in this setting, is bold and reckless.

For instance: “The leader gathered the most bizarre men of the town and prepared them to face the enemy”, “Bizarre, the young man did not hesitate to enter the burning house to rescue the child”, “The commander demonstrated his recklessness with a bizarre act that earned him the admiration of the entire troop”.

Lucidity and splendor

Using bizarre as adjective to refer to the generosity, the clarity wave magnificence it also refers to past centuries. Writers like Francisco de Quevedo Y Miguel de Cervantes they have used the word in this way in their texts.

“He walked through the city bizarre and radiant, ready to catch the gaze of his neighbors”, “His bizarre insight allowed him to see that something was wrong” Y “His bizarre clothing made an impact on the parade” are phrases that reflect this usage.

We said lines above that the third meaning of bizarre, which alludes to rare, is not in the dictionary of the RAE. The institution, in fact, discourages this use by considering it a carbon copy of English or French, since in both tongues the word is used bizarre with this sense.


Something extravagant can be described as bizarre.

The Urgent Spanish Foundation (Founded BBVA), however, recognize this meaning and highlights its inclusion in the Dictionary of Americanisms of the ASALE.

In this context, it is possible to read or listen expressions What “The bizarre photo of the president woke up laughter”, “The actor is the protagonist of a bizarre movie where he plays a zombie”, “The Peruvian striker was the involuntary author of a bizarre goal”.

Literary and film genre

In the literature, the genre bizarro includes components of the grotesque and of the satire for the development of works characterized by the absurd humor. Sometimes their proposals show a link with the call speculative fiction.

These characteristics are also noted in the bizarre cinema, close to surrealism. Directors like Ed wood Y David lynch they have created films that tend to fall into this group.

To understand a bizarre story, novel or film, it is essential to accept its codes and their rules. What in other books or tapes would be inexplicable or wrong, in the bizarre genre it is admitted since it improbable it is accepted and even constitutes its essence.