The bingo it’s a gaming in which the players have a paperboard with numbers. As the numbers come out drawn, the participants are completing their cards: the first who manages to do it is the winner.

BingoIt is also called bingo when prize that the winner receives and establishment where this game takes place. On the other hand, the player who manages to complete his card must express aloud “bingo!” to announce the achievement.

In bingo, there is a drum that houses a certain amount of numbered balls. At the start, each player receives one or more cards with random numbers. One person is in charge of taking balls out of the drum and reporting each number that comes out. Whoever has the number drawn on his card, must cross it out. In this way, the person who complete the cardboard by crossing out all the numbers is who wins the play.

It is important to note that it is usual to play bingo for money: the individual who completes the card wins a financial prize. However, bingo can also be a fun activity without monetary reward.

In recent years, on the other hand, the online bingo or online bingo. In this case, the game is developed through software and the participants can connect to the platform via Internet.

It should be noted that the interjection “bingo!” it is also used in everyday life when someone hits or solves something. For example: “Bingo! I found the keys that I was looking for for hours “, “I got a new job, bingo!”, “I tried to solve the puzzle for several days until, bingo! I realized what the solution was”.