The first meaning of embarrass what does the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) refers to what a goshawk when chase or catch other animals. A goshawk, meanwhile, is a Raptor characterized by flying between trees to hunt their prey.

EmbarrassThe common goshawk, of scientific name Accipiter gentilis, it can fly low with high speed. It can disturb birds such as partridges and pigeons, but also insects, reptiles and mammals small in size (mice, squirrels and others).

Azorar can also refer to disturb, disturb or intimidate. By example: “I am already beginning to be embarrassed by the environmental problems that we have in our country, I am concerned about which nation we will leave to our children”, “When I was little I used to embarrass my parents with surprising comments”, “The police arrested the leader of a gang of juvenile delinquents that was dedicated to embarrassing the residents of the San Marcos neighborhood”.

Someone bewildered, therefore, is stunned or altered. Suppose a woman higher listen to the insults that two children utter. Noticing the foul language of the boys, the old woman is flabbergasted.

Another use of embarrassment accepted by the RAE is linked to incite, encourage or turn on: “With claps and clicks, the man began to freak out the animal to move”, “The president’s speech seemed unfortunate to me since this type of message can embarrass the violent ones”, “Equipped with a stick to shame the animal, the man approached the cage”.