The concept of bevel could come from italian quartabono or from occitan escartabon. The term is used in reference to a instrument that is used in different fields to take measurements and draw.

BevelThe bevel is shaped like right triangle since it has three sides and has a right angle. As the three sides also have different lengths, it is a scalene triangle.

The bevels, which have a scaleThey are usually made of plastic or wood. They are commonly used together with rules or squads for drawing different angles and lines.

Before proceeding further, it is important to mark the differences between these three utensils that are often used together. A rule It has a rectangular design and allows you to know the distance between two points and make straight lines. A squadMeanwhile, it is a right triangle like the bevel, but of the isosceles type because two of its sides and two of its angles are equal.

For their features, a bevel admits the realization of angles of 90º, from 60º and of 30th. It also serves to draw all the possible combinations between these three angles: 150º (90º + 60º), 120º (90º + 30º) and again 90º (60º + 30º).

Architects, engineers, carpenters and shoemakers, among other professionals and workers, use the bevel in their daily work. According to each specialty, the bevel may have certain traits in particular.

The Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), finally, he mentions in his dictionary the expression “Cast the bevel”. This phrase of colloquial language alludes to taking steps to achieve something.