A sidewalk it’s a seat that lacks support. Depending on your design, you can count on four or three legs.

SidewalkThe sidewalks are furniture pieces. Usually its structure is wood and, in some cases, present the upholstered or padded seat.

For instance: “Please bring the stool so the guy can sit down”, “The sidewalk did not support the weight of the man, who ended up on the ground”, “The boy sat on a stool, ordered a beer and took a book out of his briefcase”.

The height of the sidewalks is also variable. The high stools are typical of bars as they allow you to sit next to the bar.

Are bar stools they usually have footrest. Although they are common in commercial establishments, they can be used at home to eat or drink in a breakfast room or a domestic bar.

In Mexico and in Guatemala, on the other hand, the bench is called the sidewalk: that is, on the edge of the Street. The sidewalk is intended for pedestrian traffic and is somewhat elevated, thus differentiating itself from the road where the vehicles travel.

In the ground militarymeanwhile, a sidewalk is a construction site that allows soldiers to take cover to shoot. The sidewalks are developed with soil that is piled up and that is linked to the embankment through a ramp. Two rows of soldiers are usually installed on the sidewalk: one strip and the other load.

If we focus on the horse ridingFinally, a sidewalk is a obstacle used in a horse show. The sidewalks are made with sod (mounds of earth covered with grass).