The etymological history of the term batrachian it starts with the Greek word drunkards, which translates as “frog”. Drills led to batrácheios: what is typical of these animals. Later this concept arrived in scientific Latin as Batrachium and finally, in Spanish, it became batrachian.

BatrachianA batrachian is a vertebrate animal amphibian which, at birth, is water and takes your breath through gills, but then it becomes land or semi-aquatic and begins to breathe through lungs. Another peculiarity of the batrachians, such as frogs and the toads, is that its temperature is variable.

The batrachians are also named as anurans because they do not have a tail. its body It is wide and short, presenting its hind legs with a great development that allows them to jump easily.

On the body of a frog, there is a wide mouth that may lack teeth, ears without an external pinna, and eyes with lids. Although it is common to distinguish between frogs and toads, the distinction is not based on the taxonomy. At a general level, frogs are species with a great capacity for jumping and swimming and that have smooth skin. The toads, on the other hand, have a skin rougher and have lower agility.

The feeding of the batrachians are usually based on terrestrial and aquatic vertebrate animals, although they can also ingest small invertebrates. According to the reproductionFinally, these species lay their eggs in bundles or cords in the water.

In addition to everything indicated, we can establish a relevant series of data of interest or curiosities about the batrachians such as these:
-One of the most significant batrachians is the salamander.
-As a general rule, they are classified into two groups. On one side are the urodelos, such as the salamander or the newt, which have an elongated body, a long tail and four equal limbs. On the other hand, there are the anurans, such as the aforementioned frogs and toads, which have a short and wide body as well as hind limbs much longer than the previous ones.
-Most batrachians, if not all, are determined to be oviparous, with the exception of the salamander which is ovoviviparous.
-It is considered that the batrachians were the first vertebrates to leave the water.
-The experts in this type of animals indicate that the most perfect eyes are those of the frog because they have enormous mobility and because they have two eyelids.

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