A bathtub it’s a large container that allows an individual bathe insideeither sitting or lying down. The function of the bathtub is to contain the Water.

BathtubAlso known as tub or bathtub, the bathtub is installed in the bathroom. It can be embedded in a sector of the environment or it can be a structure with legs that is located in some space of the bedroom.

There are earthenware, porcelain, steel or fiberglass bathtubs, among many others. The important thing is that the material used is not damaged by the action of the Water and that it has the adequate resistance to support the weight of whoever enters the cavity to be sanitized.

Many times the bathtub is complemented with a shower (the device that allows the fall of water in the form of a jet or rain). Thus, the person can shower standing up or fill the bath with water and sit down.

While the shower allows you to bathe quickly and conveniently, the bathtub is often associated with the relaxation. Whoever bathes inside the bathtub turns action into a pleasant moment.

A hydromassage bathtub, meanwhile, it is a bathtub equipped with a motor, which enables the rotation and launching of water by jets of varying intensity through different holes. This bathtub, also known as jacuzzi, gives massages thanks to the aforementioned jets that impact against different areas of the body.

It should be noted that bathtub and bathtub, finally, are adjectives that allow to allude to who is in charge of the care for the safety of bathers. A bathtub, in this framework, can be a lifeguard woman.