Bat It is a term that comes from Hispanic Arabic bathroom, in turn derived from classical Arabic baṭīḥah (which can be translated as “Flat place”). The concept can be used in different ways as recognized by the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) in its dictionary.

The first meaning mentioned by the RAE alludes to a trough which is used mainly for to wash. A trough, meanwhile, is a drawer which tends to get narrower towards the bottom and is intended for different uses.


A punt can be a layup.

Uses of the punt

Although the troughs are usually rectangular in shape, the pan is generally round. Lacking handles, it is usually made with wood.

It can be said that the punt is a kind of vessel or container. Formerly they used to be used for washing the clothing.

Another common use of the punt is linked to the artisanal mining. The trays, in this case, allowed the sand to be sifted to try to separate the gold that it could contain.

The pan was also important in the diet of several aboriginal peoples of the American continent. In her flours were mixed and proceeded to kneading of bread.

A plate

The RAE indicates that bats may refer to a tray of wood that is used to serve. This meaning indicates that a punt is a source or a host whose edge does not have a great height.

At this point it is interesting to refer to the notion of punt as exhibitor or shelving. Used in plural (rafts), is usually associated with the structure where a product is displayed or offered to the public, generally a album musical. For instance: “The new album by the Spanish singer will hit the rafts in September”, “To the satisfaction of his admirers, the work of the Chilean singer-songwriter is already on the racks”, “The album sold out as soon as it hit the racks”.


Mussels and other mollusks can be raised in trays for commercial exploitation.

The punt like a boat

It’s called a hitting boat whose bow reminds of a trough. These flat-bottomed ships allow you to navigate in shallow calm waters.

At first, the rafts were intended for the fishing Yet the load. Currently these vessels have a recreational use, orienting himself to walks and excursions.

These rafts are propelled by an individual standing upright and using a long stick to perform the strength necessary. What this person does is support the rod on the bed and push so that the punt moves.

The structure of the rafts is given by cross planks that connect with panels located on the sides. These planks are arranged with a small gap so that the wood can swell when wet.

Support for shellfish farming

There is another type of pan found in the Water. The notion can refer to a wooden structure that, placed in the sea, makes it possible to farming of oysters, mussels and other species of mollusks.

In the trays are installed brackets or networks, on which the fixation of the animals occurs. As algae tend to adhere and fish approach, the rafts end up becoming small ecosystems.