The dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) recognizes a meaning of barral, which is used in the Catalan territory. According to RAE, a bar is a vessel that has two handles located on the sides.

BarralThe barrales are part of the group of jugs: Containers used to keep the fresh Water. The usual thing is that they are manufactured with baked clay.

In several regions, however, the notion of bar refers to a different object. A barral is called railing or bar That works for hold on or hold something.

The curtain rod, in this frame, is the piece from which this cloth hangs. It may be a tube or cylinder from wood, metal or plastic.

On Galicia, on the other hand, several places share the name of Barral. This is the name of a town in the municipality of Cedeira already one village from Arteijo, both located in Corunna. Barral it is also a village of Abadin (province of Lugo).

Seix Barral, meanwhile, is a editorial Barcelona created in 1911 and re-founded by Victor Seix and Carlos Barral on 1955. This label, which is currently part of the Planet Group, delivers awards such as Seix Barral Chronicles Award and the Brief Library Award.

Pedro Barrallastly, is he a basketball player or basketball born on October 20, 1994 on the Buenos Aires province (Argentina). Nicknamed “Pepo”, this point guard played throughout his career to Basket Works in his native country and for ALM Évreux Basket (France) and Girona Basketball (Spain).