The dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) does not recognize the concept of barista. The term, however, is frequently used to name a coffee expert.

BaristaBaristas specialize in developing beverages based on the coffee, combining the seeds of the coffee tree with liqueurs, milk and other ingredients. This professional can also study and design how these drinks are presented and even decorate espresso with milk in the discipline known as latte art.

A barista is in a position to differentiate between various kinds of coffee to prepare exclusive mixes. The various processes that involve the seeds (such as roasting, grinding, etc.), the details of the Water used to prepare the infusion (temperature, pH, hardness) and the technical characteristics of the coffee machines are other topics of interest to these specialists.

With their knowledge, baristas can determine all the properties of coffee-based beverages: from the flavor to the aroma, through acidity, sweetness, consistency and other peculiarities.

It is common for contests to be held where baristas can demonstrate their skills. Many cafes (establishments where the infusion and other drinks are served), on the other hand, hire baristas to improve the quality of their products.

In order to become a good barista, it is established that certain requirements must be met, such as these:
-You have to be a true coffee lover.
-It has to be someone capable of working quickly and in detail.
-Not less relevant is that you have to be a professional with qualities to work under pressure without losing your nerves.
-You must know perfectly not only the existing types of coffee but also the instruments that are used to make them. We are referring to jugs, filters, siphons, thermal glasses …
-It is essential that you have completed any of the barista courses that exist, where you will get the knowledge and skills necessary to be a perfect barista.
-Of course, it is essential that you comply with all hygienic measures.

In summary, it can be said that a barista is to coffee what a sommelier (sommelier) is to came. Both experts have the mission of knowing in detail everything related to the drink in which they specialize.

The role played by the barista is so important, that with his coffees he manages to retain and attract customers, that more and more restaurant businesses choose to hire one. And that is how they will be able to be a benchmark.

In addition to all the above, we can highlight that there are even coffee machines for sale in the market that bear the word barista in their name. This would be the case, for example, of the Andrew James Barista Espresso, which is designed for true coffee lovers. And it is that it, which has 15 bars of pressure, allows you to customize the drink you get to the maximum. It achieves this by offering that you can select from the temperature to the frothing pressure to the intensity of the coffee.