The concept of bard it has several uses. On the one hand, it can come from the Latin word bardus, a term that in turn has its etymological root in Welsh bardd. A bard, in this sense, is a person who is dedicated to poetry.

BardIn ancient times, someone who recited poems and narrated legends orally. Often times the bards detailed historical facts by means of extensive poems that they declaimed or sang.

Generally, the bards would appear in different localities to spread their stories. Thus they were very important for the history of the peoples was kept alive and could be passed from generation to generation.

With the weather, the notion of bard began to be used to name all poets. William Shakespeare, in this framework, is usually referred to as “The bard of Avon” (by Stratford-upon-Avon, the English city where he was born).

It must be established, in addition to all the above, that in Ireland there was an important line of bards, who were legendary. They were poets who had a lot of knowledge at the historical level and who also knew very well, traditions and clans. Not forgetting his gifts and abilities with regard to the creation of verses and metrics.

Satire became one of the main tools of those characters who, as a rule, were in charge of making fun of the enemies of those who hired them. However, there are many theories about these bards. Thus, there are historians and researchers who consider that basically what they were doing was transmitting secret messages from one court to another without anyone, except the interested parties, noticing.

It must be stated that, in addition to well-known real bards like Homer, there are others that are basically the fruit of the writers’ imagination. Among these we can highlight the following:
-Will Scarlet, who is one of the members of the Robin Hood gang.
-In the saga created by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo, starring the well-known Ásterix and Obelix, there is the figure of a well-known bard. This is none other than Asurancetúrix, who is the one who exercises this work in the village. It has the peculiarity that he believes of himself that he is a great artist, although everyone thinks precisely the opposite. And it is that his song is really horrible.
-In the literary and film saga of Harry Potter, written by JKRowling, “The Tales of Beedle the Bard” is mentioned on more than one occasion.

Bardo, on the other hand, can be used to refer to the mud, to a close that is built with reeds or firewood or the rabbit burrow that is covered by weeds.

In the colloquial language of Argentina the idea bard is used synonymously with flare, mess, uncontrolled or quilombo. For instance: “I don’t recommend going downtown at this time: he’s a bard”, “My brother was kicked out of the party for being a bard”, “What a bard! I lost my documents and my credit card and now I have to do a lot of paperwork “.

For him buddhismFinally, the bard is a state transitional or intermediate. It is a period between two stages.