The concept of Pub comes from the English language. The most common meaning of the term refers to Commerce where are they served drinks that can be taken in a bar, either standing or on high stools.

PubIn general, these establishments also have tables with chairs. Customers can choose where to sit and consume the drinks, which can be alcoholic or non-alcoholic, such as beer, whiskey, liqueur, soda (soft drink) or juice (juice) of fruit. It is also usual that they are served foods.

The one who attends behind the bar is known as bartender or bartender. This individual is in charge of receiving orders, either directly from consumers or through waiters who work on site. Usually the bartender also prepares the appetizers.

The bars, due to their characteristics and operation, are similar to other venues. A bar, in this way, can resemble a pub, a coffee shop, a confectionery or a restaurant.

There are bars where it is possible to listen music, even interpreted live by artists who offer concerts on the premises. Many of them also usually have giant screens for the transmission of sporting events.

Beyond their function as a food and beverage dispatch, bars fulfill a social role. These are meeting places where women people going to socialize, for example.

It is called a bar, on the other hand, a pressure unit Which is equivalent to 1,000 pascals. This unit, whose symbol is Pub, is frequently used in the field of meteorology.