The etymology from badil takes us to the Latin word batillum. The concept is used to refer to a metal pallet which is used for collect and move the fire in homes, salamanders, fireplaces and other similar structures.

Fire trowel

A palette is a tool that has a mango and of a shovel. Whoever uses a badil, takes it by the handle and then, with the shovel, can slide, change place or remove the fire (that is, a combustible matter that is lit).


The fire moves and collects with a badil

With the badil it is possible to organize the embers, fan the fire or collect the ashes, for instance. Once the flames are lit, this instrument becomes key to manage them according to needs.

Feminine of «badil»

A phenomenon Relatively peculiar that is associated with this term is that it also has a feminine form that arose from it, rather than having had it from the beginning. This means that it is not a case similar to that of “cat and cat”, for example, which have always been the masculine and feminine forms of the word that designates a small feline.

These deformations can occur for a large number of reasons, although in general they originate in the lack of written references or even in the inability to read and write of the speakers, which confuse the gender of a new word and they disclose it in a distorted way among other people. Whatever the story of the emergence of the feminine of badil, the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy accepts it and refers us directly to the masculine one to discover its meaning.

However, it also gives us a locution colloquial verbal that has this term as its protagonist: it is about “hitting a person with the knuckles on the knuckles”, which can be understood as causing discomfort in a disguised or indirect way. It is very important to point out that this phrase does not work if we use badil instead of badila, that is, we have to respect the use of the feminine as the only option, although the meaning of both forms is exactly the same.

Finally, we can affirm that both forms are used in Spanish territory, although the choice of one or the other depends largely on the region.


This term derives from the Latin batillum, and its meaning in the past was the same as we give it today. It also adds a meaning that defines it as a glass or receptacle which was used to carry embers from one place to another.

Returning for a moment to her feminine form, in various ancient documents written in Latin it is possible to see a version with V, vatillum, which also has its feminine vatilla. This leads some scholars to suspect that there has also been batilla, derived from batillum.

Badil shovel

“Badil” also designates the shovel to collect what is swept

Another meaning

The notion of badil is also used to name the utensil that is used to lift dirt that is swept. Suppose a person wants to clean the floor in his bedroom. To accomplish this, you can sweep with a broom, piling up the trash (dust, crumbs, etc.) in a corner. Then, with the help of a badil, he collects the waste and throws it into a basket. If desired, you can complete the cleaning task by wiping it with a cloth dampened with a disinfectant liquid.

As a proper name

The BadilFinally, it is the name of a restaurant and tapería that is located in the Spanish city of Albacete. This establishment that opened its doors in 2013 specializes in La Mancha gastronomy, preparing typical dishes such as atascaburras and oxtail stew, among other traditional recipes.