Is called babbling to the act and result of babbling. East verb, which in certain conjugations can be used as stammer, make reference to pronounce in a hesitant, insecure and difficult way.

BabblingWhen the children begin to try to talk, they engage in babbling: “When Juanito started babbling, I didn’t understand him at all”, “How big is Mara! I did not know that I was already with the babbling “, “I think at any moment my nephew will start babbling …”.

A person that tries to express itself in a idiom that does not dominate (or who pretends to understand it), it is common for him to babble: “When we got to England, I tried to ask where the hotel was with my babbling in English, but no one could understand me”, “Before the stammering of the young man, the woman rephrased her question in Italian and then she got the answer she was looking for”, “In the first classes I could hardly do a few babbling, but now I can express myself in Portuguese without problems”.

In addition to all the above, we have to highlight another series of important aspects regarding the babbling of the baby:
-It is established that this begins to occur as such between 6 and 7 months of age of the child.
-In a first moment, the habitual thing is that the children are able to babble producing a vowel and a consonant. That is, combining them. And this is what is known as canonical babbling.
-However, what are isolated syllables can also take place.
-It should be taken into account that it is considered that for the babbling to take place it is necessary that the little ones have their parents by their side. And is that hearing them speak can lead to “encourage” to try to speak.

No less relevant is that you have to know that babbling is made up of several important phases, such as these:
-Reflex votes, which are given in the period they meet up to 2 months.
-Twitter, which is when you learn to say “ago” or “garlic.” It occurs when he is 2 or 3 months old.
-Vowel game, which is identified because they express vowels or single consonants. It can occur when the baby is between 3 and 5 months.
-Reduplicative babbling, when he begins to combine consonants and vowels. It takes place in the period between 6 and 9 months.
-Non-reduplicative babbling. It starts from 9 months and that brings with it that the first words begin to appear.

The subject what is highly strung, or who does not know what to say, also babbles: “I got sick of your babbling! Tell me where you were last night or I’ll get out of here “, “The policeman was suspicious of the man’s babbling and decided to see what he was carrying in his suitcase”, “The first questions of the exam I answered with stammering, but then I calmed down”.

Babbling, finally, is the first stage or instance of a process: “In the babbling of the revolution we made many mistakes”, “The first babbling of democracy generated great enthusiasm throughout the country”, “The babbling of national technological development did not surprise me”.