Azalea is the name of a small tree that belongs to the family group of the ericaceae. The term, which comes from scientific Latin, can also be accentuated in the second letter A (azalea), as indicated by the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) in your dictionary.

Azaleas can reach a height of two meters. For the beauty of their flowersThese are plants frequently cultivated for ornamental purposes in many countries.

Ornamental plant

The azalea is often used as an ornamental plant.

Characteristics of the azalea

It is important to note that there are thousands of varieties of azaleas. Therefore, although the main characteristics are shared, the specimens may show several differences depending on the species.

Azaleas usually need acid soil and partial shade to thrive. Its growth usually occurs slowly and demand irrigation frequent but not excessive.

It should be noted that there are azaleas that grow indoors (that is, indoors). In any case, it is not advisable for them to remain in very hot places since their flowering is longer if the environment it turns out cool.

How are the flowers

The azaleas flowers They are of considerable size, which makes these shrubs very showy. The colors can be varied, including various shades of White, the Red and the pink.

These flowers, which can be grouped in corymb inflorescences or located in the axilla of the leaves, They are composed of five sepals and exhibit a corolla of five petals.


The colors of the azalea flowers can be varied.

Azalea care

For the subsistence of the azaleas, try to avoid sudden changes in temperature. They must be guaranteed access to sunlight, although without direct exposure, and the appropriate level of humidity must also be provided through irrigation (they do not have to be dry but they do not have to flood either).

When water accumulates on the plant, it may appear mold. That is why watering should be done with caution.

Another issue to consider is that the azalea can suffer from the action of Bedbugs, caterpillars and other pests. The use of pesticides and other resources must be taken into account to maintain the Health of the plant.

Places in United States

Different sites in the United States are named with the term Azalea. At state from Californiafor example, an unincorporated area called Azalea in the county of Siskiyou.

Azalea Park meanwhile, it is located in the state of Florida. This place that is part of the county from Orange it had more than 12,000 inhabitants according to the most recent census data.

“Red Azalea”, the autobiography of Min

The Chinese writer – based in USAAnchee Min published in 1994 his autobiography titled “Red Azalea”. This title was translated into our idiom What “Red azalea”.

In the construction site, Min narrates his experiences in China, where he lived since his birth in 1957 until he emigrated in 1984. The author wrote “Red azalea” Come in 1984 and 1992, developing the text in English and not in their language of origin. On 2013, Min released another memoir (“The Cooked Seed: A Memoir”).