Before entering fully into the establishment of the meaning of the term axon, we must proceed to know its etymological origin. In this case, it can be said that it comes from the Greek, exactly from the word “axon”, which can be translated as “axis”.

The concept of axon It is used in the field of biology to name the very thin continuation of a neuron, through which this cell sends nerve impulses to other types of cells.

AxonAlso called neurite, the axon arises in the axonal eminence from a dendrite or soma. With the appearance of a cone, the axon has a membrane known as axolema, while its cytoplasm is called axoplasm.

The axons are sometimes lined with a myelin sheath. According to the extension of the axon, the neurons (which are cells nervous) are classified in different ways.

The Golgi type I neurons they have a very extensive axon. Instead, Golgi type II neurons they are characterized by having a shorter axon. Usually the axons of neurons have a extension of just a few millimeters.

One of the most important functions of axons is drive nerve impulse. By means of the synapse (a connection established through neurotransmitters), axons transmit the potential of a action inhibition or excitation depending on the case. Although they are able to receive certain inputs, it is common for axons to develop an output function for nerve impulses.

The axons are also responsible for the transfer of metabolites, enzymes, organelles and other elements. This function is developed via the axoplasm, with the participation of microtubules. Within the axon, transport can be centripetal or centrifugal and develop at different speeds.

In the same way, we cannot ignore the existence of what are known as terminal axons or terminal buttons. Basically that term is used to refer to the extreme part of the axon. Specifically, which is divided with the clear purpose of shaping several terminals that generate a synapse with other glands, muscle cells or neurons.

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