The etymological route of the term award starts in dutch witherlôn and goes through the german wĭthralaun, which translates as “reward”. The concept is used in our language to refer to a distinction or a prize which is awarded by way of recognition.

AwardFor example: “The Argentine writer obtained the most important literary award in the Spanish language”, “The young Portuguese architect received an award for the majestic work he developed along the Ebro river”, “Juan Roajotly won the Best Director award at the film festival that takes place in the capital of the Asian country”.

Among the synonyms for award, in addition to those already exposed, we can highlight other words such as decoration, trophy, medal, recognition or honor. On the contrary, among its antonyms are terms such as dishonor or punishment, for example.

An award can be a tribute that is done to someone because of their career, for a professional achievement or for another reason. Suppose an actor turns fifty years of career: to pay tribute to him, the Screen Actors Guild from his country decides to present him with an honorary award at a ceremony held in a theater.

Many contests, on the other hand, confer an award on their winner. The Alfaguara Novel Award, to cite one case, is a contest open to novelists that awards an economic reward and a sculpture as an award. The writer whose book is chosen by the jury thus accesses these benefits.

In many areas of life there are awards that are given to those who have stood out in those sectors for their work. Thus, for example, in the literary field there are numerous awards that are awarded annually. However, among the most significant we can highlight some such as the following:
-The Nobel Prize for Literature is awarded each year by the Swedish Academy to authors who have stood out for the contribution they have made in this art. It is part of the awards that Alfred Nobel left established in his will, back in 1895, and among the pens that have received this in particular, figures such as George Bernard Shaw, Thomas Mann, Gabriela Mistral, Ernest Hemingway, Pablo Neruda, Vicente Aleixandre stand out. or Doris Lessing.
-The Miguel de Cervantes Prize is awarded annually by the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Spain. It began to be awarded in 1976 and is considered the most important award in the Spanish language. Among those who have received the same there are authors of the stature of Jorge Luis Borges, Rafael Alberti, Miguel Delibes, Ana María Matute, Eduardo Mendoza or Ida Vitale.

In the field of cinema there are also numerous awards, highlighting at the international level the Oscars, the Goya or the BAFTAs, among others.

On the ground of sport, awards are usually given to the most outstanding athletes and players of the year or of a certain competition. The scorer of a soccer tournament and the most valuable player in the finals of a basketball championship (basketball), to cite two cases, can receive awards.