From the Latin word auxiliāris, assistant is a term used to describe what helps. The action auxiliary, meanwhile, consists of provide collaboration or some type of assistance.

AssistantAuxiliary, therefore, may appear as adjective or as verb. For example: “We have a vacant administrative assistant position: if you are interested, you can leave your curriculum vitae at reception”, “Can you go help my mother? I think he has problems with the cake “, “A nursing assistant was injured by an explosion at the municipal hospital”.

In certain organisms and Business, an auxiliary is called junior employee (ie, in the hierarchical organization of the entity, it is located below other people). In this sense, one can speak of Administrative Assistant, accounting assistant, nursing assistant, Pharmacy assistant, etc.

In the same way, we cannot ignore the existence of the so-called library assistant either. This is an administrative position that is carried out in libraries, as its name suggests, and is developed by people who have to deal with a wide range of activities, such as these:
-They perform the maintenance of databases.
-They are in charge of what is the bibliographic information.
-Catalog and classify documents.
-They deliver and receive from the user the bibliographic material that had been loaned to them.
-They take care of what are the applications for cards.
-They proceed to ensure silence and compliance with the rules within what is the reading room.
-They carry out the general inventory of the library.

In the same way, we cannot ignore the existence of another profession that is that of flight attendant. He is also called a passenger cabin crew (TCP) and is one of the members of the crew of an airplane that, in his case, will be dedicated to offering comfort to passengers as well as to control the safety of the trip .

Hence, it is the professional in charge of ensuring that travelers have their seat, properly transport their luggage, maintain respect at all times towards others. This without overlooking the fact that they will ensure that travelers are well, that they know how to act in the event of an accident, that the instructions given by the captain are respected at all times …

In the field of education, an assistant is a teacher who replaces the full professor when he does not go to his place of work due to illness or other reason. Teaching assistant is also said to be one who collaborates with the teacher in certain educational tasks (correcting work, looking for materials, responding to the concerns of students under the supervision of the holder, etc.).

If we focus on the terrain of grammar, we will find the auxiliary verbs. These verbs are used to form verbal periphrasis, the passive voice or compound tenses. Auxiliary verbs, like to be Y to have, provide aspectual or modal data: “The ministers are meeting right now”, “Juan has already left the office”, “Tonight we enjoyed a great concert at the San Javier Theater”.