Autofocus It is an English term that is usually used in our language, although it has a translation: autofocus. The autofocus or autofocus, which can be abbreviated as AF, is a resource that allows a Photo camera develop a focus automatic.

AutofocusThere are different modes or systems of autofocus. At a general level, what makes autofocus possible is that the camera fine-tune an item without the need for the photographer to intervene.

You can differentiate between the passive autofocus and the active autofocus. Passive autofocus appeals to light that reflects the subject to be photographed, while the active autofocus is ready for operation in the dark.

With passive autofocus, the camera evaluates the contrast, analyzes the phases and, if necessary, uses auxiliary lighting. The active autofocus, meanwhile, is responsible for studying the distance that exists to the subject before adjusting the focus. For this it uses infrared or ultrasound.

Another distinction that can be made in digital cameras is between the single shot autofocus, the continuous autofocus and the automatic autofocus. Single-shot autofocus requires pressing the shutter button halfway to lock the camera and achieve focus on a static subject. Continuous autofocus, on the other hand, consists of a dynamic adjustment to follow a action, while the automatic autofocus switches between the aforementioned modes depending on whether or not the camera notices movement.

A method created by Mark foster to improve the productivity. The system is based on the organization “Automatic” of tasks without setting priority levels.