A autoclave it’s a device that is used for sterilization of different substances or objects. It is a team that, depending on its characteristics, can use the radiation, the high temperature or the steam to sterilize.

AutoclaveBefore proceeding, it is important to mention that sterilization implies eliminate pathogenic microorganisms: that is, germs that can cause disease. What is sterilized, in this way, is free of microbes harmful to the Health.

Autoclaves, in this framework, are containers that can close hermetically and that, appealing to different techniques, allow disinfecting what is placed inside. It is common for them to be used to sterilize medical instruments or to promote food preservation, for example.

Many autoclaves are based on the use of steam. Through high internal pressure and high temperatures, they can generate and maintain steam at 120 ºC: These conditions affect the proteins that microorganisms need to survive and reproduce. In this way, what is placed inside the autoclave for fifteen or twenty minutes is sterilized (any pathogens that it might contain are destroyed).

Let’s take the case of the food industry. Autoclaves are used to sterilize canned and preserved products that require a treatment of more than 100 ºC.

In the field of medicine, autoclaves are necessary to remove microbes from surgical instruments and supplies. They even make it possible to eliminate spores.

Laboratory equipment, hospital waste and wood which is intended for the development of buildings in outdoor spaces can also be sterilized with autoclaves.