Before starting to analyze the term attack in depth, what we are going to do is make it clear what the etymological origin of it is. Specifically, we have to determine what emanates from the Italian word attaccare, which can be translated as “fight a fight.”

Attack is the action and effect of attacking (rush, ram, go on the offensive, destroy). The concept is often used to name a hostility or aggression, both physical and verbal: “The air attack left four dead and a dozen wounded”, “The people are trying to recover after a new attack from the neighboring country”, “He felt that my words were an attack, but I only expressed an opinion”.

AttackThe wars they are usually unleashed from an attack. According to each party’s perspective, however, the attack can be considered legitimate defense. A country It can even invade another and ensure that it is not an attack, but a legitimate right.

Within this scope, we should highlight two different types of attacks. On the one hand, there would be the military attack, which is carried out with the clear objective of ending the rival. For this, it is decided to develop a direct action and with a large number of soldiers ready to fight.

On the other hand, there would be what is known as a nuclear attack. This comes to be a warlike conflict that leads to the use, by one or both sides, of so-called nuclear weapons such as atomic bombs or thermonuclear weapons. It is also important to emphasize that so far there has only been one case in history where an attack of this type has taken place: the one carried out by the United States against Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.

The politics He also uses attacks to harm opponents, although without the use of physical violence: “The governor launched a strong attack on the opposition, describing its members as inept who will never come to power”, “The deputy attacked me with a matter pertaining to my private life: I demand that he recant in public”.

In the field of sport, the attack is an initiative carried out by a team or a player with the intention of defeat the adversary: “The national team played on the attack throughout the game and, nevertheless, ended up defeated”, “The coach asked us to be more aggressive in attack”.

For the medicine and the psychology, an attack is a sudden access caused by an illness, disorder, or extreme feeling: “The musician remains hospitalized after suffering a stroke”, “Upon hearing the news, the woman had a nervous breakdown and had to be restrained by experts”.

Within both areas, we could speak of what are known as anxiety attacks. Dizziness, an uncontrolled pulse, rapid heartbeat or shortness of breath are some of the symptoms that indicate that a person is experiencing one of those attacks.

High stress situations are usually the main causes of the aforementioned, which can also manifest with diarrhea, cold sweats, abundant hair loss or vomiting.