The astrobiology is a discipline that is dedicated to study the initiation, development and distribution of life in the whole universe, both in the Land as outside of our planet. Appealing to knowledge of different sciences and the use of technology, it is proposed to know the origin of life, search for life on other planets and forecast the future of life on the earth’s surface and beyond.

AstrobiologyAstrobiology experts focus on the space exploration and in the search for planets with habitable conditions, among other issues. The biology, the chemistry and the physical provide theoretical support to this branch of knowledge.

It is important to mention that astrobiology works with scientific data and hypotheses that are in tune with currently supported theories. This means that it does not resort to Science fiction nor to the fantasy, no matter how many times you investigate about realities and supposed facts.

The coordinated effort of specialists from different areas allows astrobiology to generate information that contributes to understanding what were the conditions and processes that made possible the appearance of life. To advance his task, he often examines extreme ecosystems of the Land and then generate simulations or projections.

The microorganisms that inhabit thermal sources and in the poles, resisting very high or very low temperatures, are studied by astrobiology. This is because, possibly, these conditions can be reproduced in other planets, which would increase the chances that there is life away from the Land.