Reproduction is he procedure and the result of reproducing (produce something again, generate a copy or, in the case of living organisms, give birth to a new copy with the same biological characteristics). Assisted, for its part, is what is carried out with some kind of assistance or help.

Assisted reproductionIt is known as Assisted reproduction to the knowledge and the techniques that allow to replace or facilitate the different natural processes that take place in the reproduction of human beings or animals.

Natural reproduction develops from a sexual relationship between a men and one woman. When the man ejaculates in the woman’s vagina and a sperm succeeds in fertilizing an egg, the woman becomes pregnant and, nine months later, will give birth to her child.

There are a number of disorders that can hinder or prevent natural reproduction. To overcome these obstacles, science has developed different techniques that are part of what we know as assisted reproduction.

The artificial inseminationFor example, it involves the use of an artificial instrument to introduce sperm into the fallopian tubes, cervix, or uterus. This method of assisted reproduction, therefore, replaces sexual intercourse.

Another popular assisted reproductive technique is in vitro fertilization, which allows the development of fertilization outside the body of the woman. On the one hand, the oocytes are extracted and on the other, the sperm. Once fertilization is achieved in an external environment, the fertilized oocyte is implanted in the uterus.

However, we cannot ignore either that another method of assisted reproduction is known as egg donation. This becomes a process that women who want to be mothers but who have serious fertility problems choose. In that case, what they do is turn to another female who acts as an egg donor in order to fulfill the dream of having a child.

In order for any of these assisted reproductive methods to be successful and achieve the desired pregnancy, it must be taken into account that in specialized clinics countless resources are used, depending on the personal circumstances of their patients. Specifically, they can opt for techniques, such as these:
-Donation of semen. It basically consists of men acting as sperm donors in an absolutely anonymous way and allowing any woman or couple to use it to have a child.
-Vitrification of ovules. Under this unique name is a technique that consists of preserving the fertility of women. Specifically, what it does is that the female who wants to be a mother in the future can achieve it at the right time with all the guarantees. That is why, before reaching the age of 35, which is when her eggs are most fertile, she freezes some of them and then uses them, undergoes assisted reproduction and becomes pregnant.
These two techniques should be added to others such as MACS, which is used to select the best sperm and facilitate fertilization.