In order to fully enter into what is the establishment of the meaning of the term arouse, the first thing we have to do is know its etymological origin. Thus, we can say that it derives from Latin, specifically from the verb “arouse”, which can be translated as “lift” or “generate”. A verb that is the result of the sum of three clearly delimited parts:
-The prefix “sub-”, which means “below”.
-The “citus” component, which is equivalent to “moved”.
-The suffix “-ar”, which is used to shape verbs.

This verb refers to generate, provoke, cause or drive something. For instance: “The objective of an advertisement is to arouse the buying interest of potential consumers”, “It is important to arouse the community’s interest in ecological issues”, “The new film by the Spanish director is a proposal capable of arousing intense emotions”.

ArouseThat which arouses something, therefore, is forming, creating or fostering. Take the case of a book that compiles various accounts of terror. The author’s objective, given the characteristics of his work, will be to arouse fear in the reader. This means that the writer intends that, when someone reads his book, they will feel frightened by the content of the stories.

East verb it can appear in multiple contexts. If among the members of a government, one of the officials maintains frequent contacts with members of the opposition and does not express himself with conviction about the government proposals, it may arouse mistrust or suspicion among his colleagues. The conduct and attitude of the official in question will generate questions among other members of the government.

At present, the verb that concerns us is widely used in relation to what social networks are in particular and the Internet in general. And the fact is that there are many publications that appear on the Internet that are established that “arouse controversy.” Thus, we have found that they have generated a great debate in recent times, from comments by politicians to different photographs uploaded by anonymous users.

Specifically, among those that have generated the most debate in recent times are those of women breastfeeding their babies in public spaces. For some Internet users they simply reflect something totally natural, such as feeding a child, while for others this is an intimate moment that must be done in absolute privacy.

A certain drug, on the other hand, can elicit the wish or the need to sleep. In this case, the substance causes drowsiness as a side effect or collateral.

A affair that has the ability to arouse the interest of the societyFinally, it is one that draws the attention of a large number of people: an economic measure that affects the entire population, a world Cup football, creating a new holiday or holiday, etc.

To all the above, we can add that music is considered to be able to arouse emotions in the human being. And it is that when we listen to a song it can not only fill us with joy and happiness but it can cause sadness or melancholy by making us evoke memories.