It is known as Aridoamerica to zonedefined by its cultural characteristics, which is found at the north of Mesoamerica. The concept refers to the region that, before the arrival of Europeans to the American continent, included parts of the current southern United States and from north-central Mexico.

AridoamericaChihuahua, Sonora Y New Lion are some of the state Mexicans of today whose territory corresponds to that of Aridoamerica. In the American case, they appear Texas, Arizona, Nevada Y Colorado, among others.

In contrast to the nearby areas, Aridoamerica has a reduced biodiversity, with little vegetation and a preponderance of Cactus and bushes. Its climate is dry and arid, reaching extreme temperatures, and water reserves are limited.

According to what was detected by the archeology, there are traces of cultures on Aridoamerica of great antiquity. Traces of pioneering agricultural practices were also found in America.

It is important to point out that, due to the aforementioned aridity, the towns of Aridoamerica they were forced to trade with their neighbors. In some cases, the need to survive led them to attack those who lived in Mesoamerica. The contact, however, also allowed them to benefit from the advances made by the main civilizations of the region, such as aztecs Y mayan.

It should be mentioned that the extreme weather contributed to Aridoamerica count on a reduced number of human settlements. During a lot weather, the populations were semi-nomadic that only settled at certain times of the year, with the harvest and the hunting as the most important livelihood methods.