A architect is an individual who has a legal authorization for the exercise of architecture. Is named architecture, meanwhile, at discipline that revolves around the projection and construction of buildings.

ArchitectAn architect can be said to have the technical knowledge, skills and permits necessary to design and develop a construction. In this way you can head a draft in order to build a work from scratch or to complete a task of restoration or remodeling.

In the job of the architect combine different capacities and talents. On the one hand, you must know how building materials behave and respond in different contexts. On the other hand, he has to apply aesthetic notions, have artistic sensibility and know about the social uses of spaces.

It is important to bear in mind that the architect not only designs and projects buildings that become households. Also plan industrial and commercial buildings and even structures that are part of the urban landscaping.

The architect is the one in charge of devising a view of the construction to be developed. Regarding the construction process itself, in addition to the architect as a guide, a engineer to find solutions to structural and other problems.

Many architects work in their own studios or in firms that they create together with other colleagues. Architects can also be hired by entities of the government or private companies to carry out consultancy and inspection of works, thus helping to guarantee the safety and functionality of the buildings.