The Latin word arcānus arrived in Castilian as arcane. The concept can be used as adjective or as noun.

The term is used to qualify what is secret. Arcane is called something hidden, which is kept under reserve so that people do not know about it.


An arcanum is something hidden or secret.

An arcane, between myth and reality

At a general level, an arcane is mentioned great mystery. There can be multiple theories and versions about the thing in question, but no reliable evidence is obtained to prove its existence.

It is precisely this difficulty of access that defines an arcane. By remaining outside the knowledge of the population, it becomes a enigma.

Arcana are generally associated with military initiatives. The authorities of a country can promote projects that are not disclosed to the society for strategic reasons or linked to national security, with which these undertakings become arcane.

The Area 51 example

The reality and the fantasy (or, at least, the unproven or proven) are conjugated in many cases that can be considered as arcana. That happens in the Nellis Air Base, of the US Air Force. There, in the area of Groom Lake, is the place known as Area 51.

In this detachment that is in the state from Nevada investigations and exercises are carried out that are protected as top secret (top secret) for him government from USA. For many people, evidence of the existence of aliens is hidden in Area 51.

Therefore, although Area 51 exists, it is an arcane in terms of its activity. It is even said that in it captive alien creatures were kept and experimented with the teleportation and the travel in the weather.


Tarot cards are divided into minor arcana and major arcana.

The arcana in the tarot

Letters from tarot, on the other hand, are divided into major arcana (formerly called trump cards) and minor arcana. In total, of the 78 cards, 22 are major arcana and 56, minor arcana.

The major arcana are the Wizard, the High priestess, the Empress, the Emperor, the High priest or Dad, the In love, the Car, the Justice, the Hermit, the Wheel of Fortune, the Strength, the Strung up, the Death, the Temperance, the Devil, the God house or Tower, the Star, the Moon, the Sun, the Judgment, the World and the Mad.

The minor arcana, meanwhile, are divided into four suits. These cards are numbered from 1 to the 10, plus three figures per suit (the gentleman, the Jack, the King and the Queen).

Game and divination

It is important to indicate that the concept of tarot may refer specifically to the deck of cards containing the arcana. In fact, that is the first meaning of the term that is mentioned in the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE).

Tarot is also the name of the play that can be developed with these cards. From the XIV century approximately, in addition, a tarot is called a guessing practice that is done with these cards.

The tarot reader, in this framework, is the one who claims to be in a position to carry out predictions from the reading of the letters that are coming out. This person, according to the arcana that appear, develops interpretations of the spread and transmits the “Forecasts”.