The French word applique came to our language as applicable. The first meaning of the term mentioned in the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) refers to a lamp.

It is known as lamp to the utensil that allows hold an artificial light (as a focus or light bulb). In the specific case of the fixture, its particularity lies in the fact that the appliance installs on the wall, fixing on her.


The sconces are installed on the wall of a room.

Features of the fixture

We said that the applique is fixed to a Wall. That is the distinctive feature of this type of lamp, which is usually placed in a hall, a hallway or next to a bed. Appliques often provide a ornamental light or contribute to the setting. They can also illuminate a painting or other particular object.

It is important to mention that the electrical installation (that is, the cables that enable its operation) is hidden in the inside of the wall. Therefore, the only thing that remains in sight is the wall lamp itself, which guarantees aesthetic care.

By not resting on tables or similar elements, the wall lights only occupy a small space aerial. In this way they are very useful in small rooms and passageways.


A wall lamp can be used for the development of decorative lighting.

Differences with other types of lamps

Just as the wall lights are placed on a vertical wall, there are lamps that are installed in a different way. A ceiling, for example, it is an ornament that is located on the ceiling and contains the medium so that a lamp is suspended.

Both the appliques and ceiling lights They are fixed devices: they cannot be moved. If you want to remove a wall light or ceiling and take it elsewhere, you need to uninstall it and then reinstall it from scratch.

A pedestal table or candle lampOn the other hand, it can be transported without problems. It is a portable light that is usually left on the nightstand or nightstand, although it can also be placed in a desk or in another piece of furniture.

The wall lamp in the theater

The RAE recognizes another meaning of apply, used in the world of theater. It is called applique, in this framework, to a piece that integrates the decoration.

The sconces, in this way, are objects that contribute to the scenic setting. These items modify the physical appearance of the set and are perceived by the viewer through the view.

An ornament or accessory

Another way of using the notion of applique is to refer to a ornament or a accessory that is added to a certain product. It is possible to distinguish the applique from the item itself as it is made of a different material.

Take the case of a cowboy pants, also know as Jean. These garments are made with a cloth named denim or denim. To add a distinctive touch, a designer may include studs. Thus, these appliqués are fixed to the typical fabric of jeans.

A hair applique, finally, is a prosthesis that incorporates artificial or non-gentleman hair. Appliques are often used to hide baldness or to make certain hairstyles possible.