The Latin word applicāre came to our tongue What Apply. This verb (apply) has several meanings recognized by the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) in your dictionary.

The first one refers to placing something on an item or making it come into contact with it. The process and result of this type of action is known as app.


When applying a paint on a material, its surface is covered.

Apply a coating

Take the case of coatings. The paintings, the varnishes and other similar products can be applied on a material until it is covered, giving it a surface layer that gives it certain characteristics and properties.

When applying painting on a wall, for example, its color is modified. A concrete wall that has a grayish hue can be applied a layer of blue paint: thus, the wall in question turns bluish.

A pine wood furniture, meanwhile, can be applied a varnish to protect it. This coating helps to prevent moisture from affecting its structure and to keep insects away.

What does the task of applying consist of in these cases? Basically in spread paint or varnish over the surface. For this a Brush.

Applying a vaccine

It can be stated that vaccines they apply: they are given or they are placed. In general, to give a vaccine, you need inject the prepared in the body.


The usual thing is that, to administer a vaccine, a preparation with antigens is injected.

A vaccine is a preparation that contains a antigen: a substance that, when introduced into the body, provokes a defense reaction. Usually the antigen promotes generation of antibodies.

When applying a vaccine, what is done is to introduce the preparation with the antigens into the body. This process is known as inoculate. Most vaccines are given by appealing to a syringe, which is injected into an arm or a thigh for the introduction of the substance in question.

Apply as the implementation of a measure or knowledge

Another use of the notion of applying refers to use or take advantage of a knowledge, a principle or something similar with the aim of generating a certain consequence. When you apply something of this style, you want to achieve a objective.

Suppose a person must repair a car engine. To be successful in your task, you will need to apply your knowledge of mechanics. If you do not have such training, you will not be in a position to make the arrangement.

Apply can also be linked to a criterion or to validity of something. A clothing store can carry out a promotion that offers a 25% discount on the total purchase to those who spend more than 5,000 pesos. This means that the benefit is applied to buyers who pay at least that sum of money in the business premises.

Submitting an application

The verb apply, finally, it is used in some regions regarding the formal submission of an order or application. When applying to something, a request is raised, waiting for a response from the corresponding individual or entity.

A professional can apply for a job, to mention one possibility. In this case, the subject completes a form with the intention of being hired by a certain organization.