The first thing to know, before the meaning of the term horn, is its etymological origin. In this case, we have to state that it derives from Latin. Exactly comes from “until”, which is the term used to refer to a spear or any object that had the appearance of the aforementioned.

The dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) includes more than a dozen meanings of the term pole. The first meaning mentioned refers to the rod that allows a flag to be suspended, causing it to flutter in the air.

PoleThese antlers come in different sizes and feature a system of pulleys that make it possible to lower and raise the flag (that is, lower and raise it according to will). For example: “The young man began to kick the flagpole with the intention of knocking down the flag.”, “When the bell rings, you must approach the flagpole and raise the flag”, “The national emblem flames at half mast as a sign of mourning”.

The expression “At half mast” refers to what happens when the flag is left in the middle of the pole, and not at the tip, in a sense of mourning. If a personality of a certain country, the national government can decree days of mourning and order the flags to fly at half mast.

Also called antler horns of the animals ungulates belonging to the family Cervidae. The deer, the deer, the moose and the reindeer they have these bony extensions that present differences with respect to the horns of bovids.

While the antlers develop and shed according to the reproduction cycle of the species, traditional horns never come off the animal and grow steadily.

Specifically, within the world of bullfighting, the word horn is fundamental. And it is that this is the one that is used to refer to the horns of the bulls. Hence, in addition, it is common to speak of a bull horn wound to refer to what are the injuries and damages that the aforementioned animal has caused by giving the bullfighter a gored.

The catches of this type are really important, that is to say, they are very serious so the bullfighter is required to be quickly attended to. And it is only in this way that you will be able to avoid suffering a serious loss of blood or even losing your life.

For this reason, it is usual that in the bullrings there are infirmaries where doctors can act immediately, plugging the wounds, stitching them up and even having to proceed to emergency surgery. Among the best known bull horn injuries is, for example, the one suffered by the Spanish bullfighter Paquirri in 1984, which would end his life.

If that goring or catch is considered to be slight or small, it is said that the bullfighter has received a hoot.

A weapon used by the Romans in antiquity, the different portions of the gray matter found in the spinal cord and various pieces of a boat are other elements that are known as antlers.