The word Latin antiquarius arrived in Castilian as antiquarian. The term allows to refer to individual who is dedicated to collecting or trading antiques.

AntiquarianThe concept also refers to ancient objects expert and to business where it is possible to sell and acquire this kind of thing.

Before continuing with the definition of antiquarian, it is important to focus on the idea of antiques. This is how the products that, due to their ancient origin, are valuable or interesting.

Antique dealers are always on the lookout for antique pieces that are attractive from a collecting or commercial point of view. That is why they usually go fairs and markets, participate in Goal attempts (auctions) and welcome potential sellers to their shop. Within this framework, antique dealers work as treasure hunters, trying to find objects with extraordinary characteristics.

As a specialist, the antique dealer focuses on history of old items, artifacts and gadgets. It may be a historian with formal studies or a amateur attracted by these issues.

An antique dealer, in short, is someone who is willing to revalue something whose creation, utility or use is in a last more or less distant. Its purpose is that these articles are not forgotten and that the new generations know them, since many times they are essential links in evolution.

It is important to note that, in general, the antique dealer is passionate about his job. It is not usual for someone to become an antique dealer only for commercial interest, but the common thing is that they feel a real interest in their trade.