Antifreeze it’s a adjective that allows to qualify that which makes freezing impossible: that is, it does not allow a liquid to freeze (solidify). The concept is used as noun to allude to the substance used in an engine with the aim of increasing its boiling point and lowering its freezing point.

AntifreezeBefore moving on, it is important to focus on the ideas of Boiling point Y freezing point. The Boiling point is the temperature at which a liquid turns into vapor, while the freezing point is the temperature at which a liquid becomes solid.

Returning to the notion of antifreeze, it is a compound that is incorporated into a liquid with the primary purpose of lowering its freezing point. In engines, antifreeze is generally added to the Water: in this way, even when temperatures are very low, freezing does not occur.

Antifreeze also usually has the ability to increase the boiling point. So when long ago hot, the system continues to function efficiently.

By ensuring that the liquid does not freeze, the antifreeze protects the rigid containers since it prevents the expansion of the content produced by the freezing. Antifreeze often includes anticorrosive components as well.

Decades ago the most common antifreeze used in automobiles It was him methanol. However, since methanol tends to evaporate, then they began to use ethylene glycols.

It should be noted that, beyond engines, antifreeze can be used in cooling systems of various machines and even in certain processed foods What ice creams Y soda (refreshments).