Anticorrosive is a concept that can be used as adjective or as noun. The notion is formed with the prefix anti- (which refers to what has the opposite properties or what is opposite) and the term corrosive (referring to what can corrode).

As an adjective, anticorrosive qualifies what avoid the corrosion. Regarding its use as a noun, an anticorrosive is a product that is incorporated into a material to prevent it from corroding or to prevent it from causing the corrosion of another element.

Anticorrosive paint

An anticorrosive inhibits the corrosion of a metal or an alloy.

What is corrosion

It can be noted that, to understand what an anticorrosive is, it is first essential to pay attention to the verb corrode and to noun corrosion. The corroding action consists of wear something out. It generally refers to what an agent does when gradually destroy a metal body.

Corrosion, meanwhile, is the act and result of corroding. This means that if a metal it corrodes, suffers from corrosion. In turn, if a substance corrodes a body, it causes its corrosion.

The anticorrosive as protection

Having these ideas clear, it is easy to understand what an anticorrosive is. It’s about a product that, due to its characteristics, provides protection to the object on which it is applied, avoiding its corrosion.

The anticorrosives usually protect metals or alloys. They can be obtained in different formats, such as oils or aerosol sprays, depending on the type of anticorrosive.


There are different types of anticorrosive.

What anticorrosives do is inhibit corrosion. Many times these products establish a layer as a coating: thus preventing corrosive media from having access to the metal or the alloy in question.

It cannot be omitted from mentioning that corrosion produces irreparable effects. The process encourages the formation of new compounds in the materials and that is why its control is very complicated.

The case of painting

We usually associate the painting to a decorative or ornamental question. In fact, we usually paint a house when we want to beautify it.

However, there are paints with very useful properties that serve to prevent different problems or that act as treatment. In this group we find anticorrosive paints.

These paints, which are applied on metals, act in the process of primer. This means that they help to adapt or prepare the surface metal for subsequent painting.

The primary function of anti-corrosion paint is to prevent oxidation of metal. It also provides the surface with the necessary conditions so that it can later be painted with another kind of finish.

Anti-corrosion paints are gray, black, orange, or red. They often have sodium silicate among their components, since this substance manages to disable corrosion.

The importance of anticorrosives in the economy

It can be said that anticorrosive paint constitutes a first protective layer. Its application helps to extend the useful life of what it protects, thereby contributing to the saving economic.

According to various studies, it is estimated that corrosion costs up to 4% of the GDP of industrialized nations because of the damage it causes. Using anticorrosive, in this framework, is a investment and not an expense.