AnnexedAnnexed it’s a adjective that comes from the Latin word annexus and that, according to the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), is used as a synonym for old. That which is annexed is found added to or is linked to something or someone.

For instance: “The clinics work in a building annexed to the hospital”, “The contract for rent has an annex detailing the reasons that may lead the owner to terminate the agreement unilaterally “, “The club intends to acquire a piece of land attached to the stadium to build a training ground”.

The concept of annex is often used with reference to dependencies that are next to a building. That is to say: an annex is a complementary construction of the main one. The Chamber of Deputies of ArgentinaTo cite one case, it has an annex building where the offices of many civil servants operate and where there is also an auditorium. A UniversityFor its part, it can have buildings as annexes for students to settle there during the school year.

The need to build a edifice Annex to another is very common in companies with a long history, which have been centralized in a property for decades and can no longer contain all their employees; If management believes it is beneficial to keep everyone in the same branch, then this type of expansion is ideal.

In some cases, the annex building may have the sole purpose of physically expanding the capacity of the principal; However, as can be seen in the case of the Argentine Chamber of Deputies, it can also be used to add new kinds of facilities, such as an auditorium, so that it can also carry out activities that were not possible before.

The annexes are also the comments or annotations that complement a document. Suppose a sociologist presents research on violence in a certain city. This researcher develops his work over thirty pages. Then, as an annex, he adds another five pages where he details three particular situations. The annex, in this case, serves to exemplify or complete its theoretical development and its conclusions.

AnnexedIn certain contexts, it is classified as an annex to what is secondary or accessory: “That is something annex: now we have to focus on how to solve this problem”.

There is a fine line in the definition of the term annexed which brings him incorrectly closer to the concept of unnecessary. If we focus on the meanings of the RAE dictionary once again, we do not find this nuance in any of them; In addition to those expressed in the previous paragraphs, we find “concerning, inherent or proper”, as well as “tissues and organs that are around the uterus: the peritoneum, the ovaries and the tubes.”

And it is in the fields of medicine and biology that we can find reasons to avoid the derogatory tone that the term usually receives. annexed in everyday speech: just as the uterus needs the organs and tissues just mentioned to function properly and healthy, also the investigation about violence (present in a previous example) can only be considered complete if the annex is taken into account.

Continuing with the use that this word has in science, we know that the pancreas and the liver are considered attached glands the digestive system, and that part of its functions It consists of collaborating with the absorption and digestion of food. Could we live without either of these two organs? The answer is a resounding no, since they are two essential components of our body, and the protagonists of some of the most serious diseases that our species can suffer.