Animation it is a concept with several uses. Derived from Latin animatio, the term may refer to act and result of cheering or cheering: incite a action, grant movement, infuse energy.

AnimationThe idea of ​​animation refers to the process that is developed to produce animated images from objects or drawings. It is a technique that allows to generate the sensation of movement in something inanimate.

Thanks to animation, viewers believe that the elements are indeed moving. But, in reality, it is a optical illusion. In the case of Cartoon, for example, originally they were produced by drawing each of the frames individually.

For every second of animation, in this frame, twenty-four frames were used. A camera then photographed each frame and the resulting images were located in sequence, producing the illusion of movement.

The volume animation or stop motion; the plasticization or claymation; and the computer animation or digital animation are other methods that enable the development of this type of films.

The notion of animation, on the other hand, can be used to name the job developed by who encourages the participation of individuals in an activity. The party animationTo mention one possibility, it consists of inviting attendees to join various games or proposals.

The children’s animation It is specifically geared towards children. Animators are usually dressed up as famous people, clowns, etc. and they want the little ones to have fun on birthdays and other social events.