The notion of anchorage it has several uses according to the context. The term refers to act and result of anchoring: fix something to the surface or to another site, determine the value of a service or product.

AnchorageIt is common for the concept of anchoring to appear in the field of navigation. When anchoring a boat, it is anchored. In this case, anchoring implies make the ship hold thanks to the anchor, which is a metal device with hooks that is attached to a chain. When casting the anchor into the water, this instrument sinks under its weight and its hooks are driven into the bed, holding the ship to which it is attached by the chain.

The Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), in its dictionary, indicates that anchor can also be used as a synonym for anchorage. An anchorage, in turn, is a place that presents the amount of meters of depth necessary for a boat to be in a position to anchor (that is, to drop anchors so that they are introduced to the bottom).

Anchoring, on the other hand, refers to tribute that a port charged to allow ships to anchor in it. Anchorage used to be applied in Spanish ports.

That ship that intended to anchor in certain ports, therefore, had to pay for that right. The port even charged if the ship did not unload merchandise or if it was forced to anchor due to a storm.

The RAEFinally, it recognizes another use of anchoring that is frequent in Argentina and that is associated with fixing the price of a service or a good.