Lineage, which derives from the term Grandpa, is a concept that refers to ancestors. Usually the notion refers to lineage or to a distinguished ancestry.

LineageFor instance: “For a man of his lineage, it must be difficult to go through an economic moment so hard that it produces all kinds of deprivation”, “The neighborhood soon began to be populated by families of ancestry who contributed to its development”, “Family ancestry demands that you behave with correctness, do not embarrass us”.

The idea of ​​ancestry, on the other hand, makes mention of the extensive tradition from someone or something: “As it is a bar of ancestry, the government promised to make an economic contribution to avoid its closure”, “I am proud to come to a club of ancestry that intends to win each tournament it disputes”, “It is a genre with no greater ancestry, but which is beginning to conquer a large number of people”.

It should be noted that we can find the word lineage in the name of various businesses and establishments. In the city of Captain Sarmiento, province of Buenos Aires (Argentina), it’s found Haras Abolengo, dedicated since the decade of 1960 to the breeding of horses.

Also in Argentina, but in the locality of Leandro N. Alem (Missions), the Abolengo Museum. This institution houses a collection of tools and utensils used by the ancestors of the current settlers.

In chili, Lineage is a brand of napkins from paper. This product is presented as an economical option for people to clean their hands and lips while eating or in other contexts.