A ambulance it’s a vehicle who is dedicated to transfer of people suffering from any disease or that they are wounds. This means of transport also usually carries remedies and various devices and products intended for the emergency healthcare.

AmbulanceIn general, ambulances are responsible for the transfer of individuals to and from hospitals or other care centers. When they are not making a trip, they tend to stay on a base waiting for a call to go in search of patients.

Ambulance comes from walking, whose etymological origin is found in the Latin ambŭlans, in turn derived from ambulāre (which translates as “walk”). This is associated with the original meaning of the concept of ambulance, which referred to mobile hospital of a division or corps of the army destined for tracking troops in combat. Ambulances, in this framework, provided the first aid to the soldiers who suffered injuries.

Today an ambulance is usually a pickup truck or van prepared for the assistance and transfer of the sick and wounded. Depending on your level of complexity and your equipment, you can provide more or less services, from life support to elemental cures.

It is interesting to mention that not only vans can be adapted to function as ambulances. There’s also boats, helicopters and other vehicles that have the necessary infrastructure to transport individuals with problems of Health.

Another important piece of information is that ambulances have a ID. Thus, when driving on the street, the rest of the vehicles can recognize them and give them the right of way.