It is called conjunction to the term or to the group of terms that allow link words or propositions. The word even ifIn this framework, it is a conjunction that can be used in different ways.

Even ifEven if can be used as adversative conjunction to achieve the opposition between two ideas. In this case, even if is synonymous with but. For example: “I’m a bit late, although I think I’ll arrive before the start of the show”, “Today is cool, although yesterday it was colder”, “My sister has already visited a score of countries, although she would like to know even more nations”.

If we analyze the first of these examples, we see that even if oppose the “delay” from a subject to the fact of arriving, anyway, on time. In the second example, the conjunction enables an opposition between a day “Fresh” and another “more cold”, while the third example compares a number of countries visited with the desire to continue visiting new territories.

The concept of even if also appears as concessive conjunction. These conjunctions belong to group of the coordinate conjunctions, which link terms or propositions of the same syntactic level. The concessive conjunctions express an inconvenience or an objection to what is expressed in the main sentence, but without this problem preventing its concretion.

What a concessive conjunction does is introduce a problem to the prostasis (subordinate clause), but that does not get to avoid what is expressed in the apodosis (prayer principal): “Even if I feel bad, I’ll go to work”, “Although the teacher is very rigorous, he is a fair man”, “Even though I don’t feel like cooking, I’ll make dinner”.

Among the synonyms that the word in question has and that can be used at one time or another based on the meaning that is sought, we can highlight some such as nevertheless, although, although, but …

One of the main problems that exist with the word, although it is that many people have many doubts about whether it is written together or separately. A doubt that is the result of the fact that it is made up of two elements that function independently such as “even” and “what”.

However, the rules are very clear in this regard: although everything is written together. And that is how the RAE makes it very clear.

One of the most popular expressions that we have and that we use frequently uses precisely the word that we are now analyzing. We refer to the common phrase: “Although the monkey dresses in silk, the monkey stays”. It is an expression of uncertain origin since there are many theories that exist in this regard. Among these is the one that states that its origin is found in an Egyptian fable.

The meaning of that phrase is that, as much as anyone tries to hide their appearance, the truth is that this will not prevent them from doing the same with their way of being, their origins …

In the same way, we cannot ignore the existence of numerous songs that, in their titles, use the word that we address. Examples are “Although you don’t know it” by Enrique Urquijo or “Although I can’t see you” by Álex Ubago.