The Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) recognizes various uses of the concept of albardón. In some cases, these meanings are regional.

The first meaning mentioned by the RAE alludes to a rig that is used in the cavalries. The albardón it is placed on the animal to ride on it.


The term paddock can refer to a rig.

The albardón in the caballerias

We said above that the albardón is a rig: it is, therefore, a harness that allows to load or mount the knights. The harness, meanwhile, are the belts and the rest of the elements that are placed on the equines.

In the specific case of the albardón, it resembles the packsaddle, although it is taller and hollow. The packet is called the piece composed of two pillows that are located on the sides of the back of the horse so that the load does not cause harm to you.

Another definition provided by RAE points out that the albardón is a type of jineta chair (that is, of saddle that is used to mount the genet) used in Andalusia. Its rear tree is tall, while it also has a knob that stands out.

An architectural piece

On Honduras and in Guatemala, on the other hand, is called albardón a la coping. The notion of coping, in turn, refers to the cover or easel of a wall.

What the albardón does is prevent the Water of the precipitations penetrate in the walls. It also prevents it from falling through the walls (the faces of the wall).


In geography, the albardón is a mound that, when the water rises, forms an islet.

The albardón for geography

The albardón concept is also used in the field of geography, especially in some South American countries. In this case, an albardón is called a elevation which is located in a low and flooded area, so that, when the water rises, it transforms into a islet.

Generally the ridges are mounds that are created when a River piles up sediment. The process is more common when the watercourse is in an alluvial plain and runs a regular slope.

A department of San Juan

Albardón is the name of a department that is part of the province of San Juan (Argentina). It is located in the north of the Tulum oasis, developing in a surface of 945 square kilometers.

In the department of Albardón about 15,000 people live. The economy of the region is based on the production of wine; in the cultivation of fruit trees such as peach and plum; and in mining activity.

The sightseeing it is also important for Albardón. The chapel The Little Lands, The dam Avalos and the hot springs of La Laja are some of the main attractions of this department of San Juan.

Albardón Paintings

On Argentina, finally, Albardón It is also the name of a brand of paints created in 1980. The company is headquartered in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

The products from Albardón They allow you to paint decorative objects and furniture. The company markets several lines, which can be found in different workshops, ateliers and stores throughout the country.