The air is the gaseous mixture that makes up the atmosphere of the Earth. The concept is often used to name the general atmosphere or to wind.

Air conditionerConditioned, on the other hand, is something of good quality or in good condition. The verb to condition refers to giving a certain condition or quality to something or to arrange a thing in the proper way for a certain purpose.

These two definitions allow us to understand the concept of air conditioner, which is used to name the atmosphere of a closed space that is subjected to certain conditions of temperature, humidity and pressure through artificial mechanisms.

The air conditioning or air conditioning, therefore, it is a process which consists of a certain treatment of the air in a closed place to generate a pleasant atmosphere for those who are in said space. Increase or decrease temperature and the humidity level of the air are usually the most common objectives, although the process can also involve a renewal or filtration of the air.

In everyday language, the notion of air conditioning is also used to name the systems or teams that allow the aforementioned process to be carried out. For instance: “Please turn on the air conditioning I’m dying of heat in this room”, “We will have to call a technician: the air conditioning is working badly”, “Next summer we will buy an air conditioner for the bedroom since that way you can’t sleep”.

Nowadays, both in premises of various kinds and in homes, air conditioning has become one of the essential equipment to ensure that during the hottest seasons, a comfortable temperature can be created in those spaces.

For this reason, it must be emphasized that in spring and summer it is common for appliance companies to be accessed in order to buy such equipment. However, this is not an easy task, since there are different types of it:
• Window. It is one of the most used in any home and has the advantages that it is very easy to install, that it has a very economical price and that it is also easy to maintain. However, it should not be overlooked that, on the other hand, it consumes a forceful energy expenditure and that it is somewhat noisy.
• Roof console. Another of the most used air conditioners is this, which is identified because it is installed through a somewhat more complicated process. It is especially suitable for large spaces.
• Split. Under this denomination are the equipment that is placed on the wall and that is recommended for homes or even for offices. They have an attractive and modern design, generate little noise and are very easy to maintain. On the contrary, they have to be placed through a much more complicated process than that of window air conditioners.

Centrals or laptops are other types that exist on the market.

To cool the atmosphere, air conditioning often uses the mechanical compression to execute a cyclical process of heat transfer from the interior of a space to the exterior. For this it promotes the evaporation of cooling substances that are in a liquid state at low temperature and pressure and that evaporate when the air is removed from the interior. A compressor it is responsible for absorbing and compressing said vapor and condensing it through the transfer of heat to the outside air (colder). Finally the refrigerant, in liquid state, returns through a expansion valve which reduces pressure and temperature.