It is called schedule to the notebook used to write reminders. In this way, what must be done can be recorded in an agenda so as not to forget it.

ScheduleThese notebooks are usually divided by days, counting on a set aside for each day of the year. So the user can detail date by date what activities you have to carry out.

Agendas serve to remember appointments and events and for the organization of weather. By recording the time of each obligation or pending issue, it is easy not to overlap tasks.

Due to their characteristics, agendas are very important at a work or professional level. A attorneyTo name a case, you can use an agenda to record your client meetings and courtroom visits.

Anyone, anyway, can use an agenda. In these books it is possible to point out Birthday dates, medical shifts, maturities of taxes or services, etc.

Currently there are also digital diaries. They work like printed diaries, although they usually offer alarms Y notifications so that you don’t even need to remember to consult it.

It should be noted that the notion of agenda is also used with reference to a Relation of matters or topics that must be dealt with or that have influence in a certain area. For example: “The proposal of the Chinese company is part of the agenda that the members of the board of directors will discuss in the next assembly”, “The reform of the tax regime is not on the president’s agenda”, “The feminist organizations that promote the legalization of abortion believe that the issue does not have the presence it deserves on the media agenda”.