A aerometer is a device that is used for measurement of the density of a gas, especially the air. It is important not to confuse it with a areometer, which measures the density of a liquid.

AerometerThe areometer is also referred to as densimeter, a term that also refers to the instruments used with solid. In short, aerometers measure the density of gases, while density meters do the same but with solids and liquids. In the latter case, we speak specifically of an areometer, which is a density meter in particular.

There are different kinds of areometers. There are areometers of constant weight and variable volume; areometers of variable weight and constant volume; and areometers of variable weight and volume. According to him kind of areometer, the equipment can be submerged to different depths and dislodge certain volumes of liquid.

It is important to remember that density is a scalar magnitude which is calculated by dividing the amount of dough of a body for him volume that occupies. The density value can be obtained directly or indirectly. The aerometers perform a indirect measurement, for which it is necessary to first know the temperature and the Pressure of the gas and then calculate the density.

On Guatemala, on the other hand, an aerometer is called a Cableway which is in development. It is expected to have a tour of almost 9 kilometers, with eleven seasons, and that it contributes to alleviate land traffic in the national capital. If the project is successful, there will be people traveling on the aerometer who will stop using cars, buses, etc.